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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Our customers require highest availability and performance of our coating and laminating machines. In addition, declining lot sizes and rising numbers of variations in products are constantly adding complexity to the manufacturing processes in the converting industry.

At SAM, we use the OPC UA (Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture) protocol to openly link the machine logged data form, E.G.

  • HMI / Controls

  • Gauging Systems

  • PLC Machine Control and PLC Coating Media

  • SQL Database

  • To our customers ERP and DATA Base System


Apart from technical data, the machines also transmit performance data which is used to analyse and monitor production processes.

Optionally, also the connection to our customers SAP system can be proved.


Benefits of in-time and event-controlled OPC protocol:

  • Transparency of the process and production activities

  • Increase of: machine availability

    machine efficiency

    machine flexibility

    machine reliability

    productivity and performance

  • Reduction of: Wase

    Energy consumption

  • Keeping costs under control

  • Designed for individual customer requirements


The basis for these smart services is the OPC server which automatically exchanges machine logged data from our converting machines to customers based data systems.

This helps to achieve individual optimization of business processes as a whole and to increase transparency and data consistency. Additionally, it is improving the efficiency of the entire production system (people, machines and processes).


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