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"Yuman": unity in diversity

Yuman, SAM's agent in Russia, is featured in an article packaging portal (Russia) website:

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"YUMAN": unity in diversity

As in the past year, the products of the Korean SAM Group (Sung An Machinery Co., Ltd.) were represented by Bruno Dätwyler, Sales and Marketing Manager of SAM Europe Srl, which is located in Italy. SAM Group manufactures equipment for processing paper, foil and foil using "roll-to-roll" technology. These are special coating lines, lamination lines, coating plants and gravure printing machines. According to him, the company began work in 1960 as Sung An Machinery, abbreviated SAM: "Like our competitors, we started work at the time when flexible packaging was being developed. The first supermarkets appeared, and packaging for food products became especially important. Now we have a unit in Italy, where we are engaged in the management of numerous engineering projects, there is a division in the USA where all technical specialists in extrusion coating and lamination work. In addition, we have an experimental laboratory there. From the US, we are also involved in project management. As for Russia, support, of course, comes from Europe (Casale-Monferrato). The implementation of projects and technical and service maintenance is carried out from Italy, because it is much closer than Korea. "

On the competition in his field, Bruno Detiviler said: "Usually we always have three or four practically constant competitors, there are fewer extruders in the market - here we have two or three competitors, and in the watering spraying segment, usually three to four main competitors, Who are fighting for one project. Therefore, in order to become more competitive, about three years ago we opened an experimental extrusion coating laboratory in the USA. All our specialists are working there who are engaged in the improvement of the extrusion process, we have a pilot line where we conduct numerous tests of all modifications and improvements being developed. Last year, we did the same for a subdivision of coatings applied from a solution. We built a new building in which two technological centers were united, and now this is our new research center. In the center there is one experimental line of such coatings, and there is also a division dealing with printed electronics, in which 12 engineers are engaged exclusively in development for the largest companies in Korea, such as Samsung. We conduct numerous studies for the segment of printed electronics.

To get more value from the results of the research of the laboratory of coatings applied from the solution and printed electronics, we decided to build a new building by combining both these divisions, and now we have a new modern laboratory. By conducting check runs for our customers, we develop new products, and then we have the opportunity to evaluate the result, evaluate the change or improvement of the products. That's why it's very important for us to have a high-end laboratory. In the new research and development center, all coating equipment operates under clean room conditions. In the same conditions, work is under way to apply coatings from the solution and the work of the electronics division. The class of cleanliness of the room is 10 000. In a room with coating machines, the cleanliness class can be reduced to 1000. The SAM research center is located in Seoul. And we have production only in Korea. All mechanical and electrical equipment and software development are manufactured in Korea. But now we also have a large machine-building unit in Italy. Our office is located in Casale-Monferrato. "

Asked how he assesses the prospects for the Russian market for the company, Bruno Detiler said: "Of course, here we have excellent support in the face of the company" Yuman ", which has many sales agents in this area. They have offices in St. Petersburg (head office) and in Moscow, there are representatives working in Yekaterinburg, as well as in Ukraine. And, of course, in the Russian-speaking market it is very important to speak the language native to the customers and have good local contacts. That's how we are organized here. And "Yuman", having a wide range of products, is in constant contact with our customers. For us it is very important. Because you buy a car every 5, 10 or even 15 years. Therefore, we need some other products in order not to lose contact with customers. With the company "Yuman" we began to cooperate in 2010. The sale of one car usually takes 2 - 5 years, until the client is ready to place an order. This is a lengthy process, because usually a new building, infrastructure, logistics is needed, a new warehouse is needed. Then you need the finishing equipment. Therefore, investments in our car usually make up only 30% of the total costs. "

Bruno Detviler shared his impressions of interplastica 2017: "It seems to me that a certain reorganization has now taken place. I think that compared to last year

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