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SAM Partners with Sure Controls Inc.

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  • Date 2016.01.02 /
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SAM Partners with Sure Controls Inc. 


SAM has partnered with Sure Controls Inc. in Greenville, WI USA to provide project and long term support of its machines entering the North American market. For over 30 years, Sure Controls has been delivering successful automation solutions servicing a variety of industries, including expertise in converting machinery.

Sure Controls has been a partner with SAM engineers on several successful projects. Critical technical information gained from these projects has led to implementing product improvements. The support in North America that Sure Controls provides to customers allows access to immediate assistance during working hours, with SAM continuing to provide service during off hours. SAM believes that teaming up with Sure Controls Inc. provides customers with valuable 24 hour support.

To learn more about the efficiency that can be gained through SAM's partnership with Sure Controls, contact your local SAM North America representative at


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