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D.H. Shin Becomes Chairman of Korea Packaging Organization

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D.H. Shin Becomes Chairman of Korea Packaging Organization 


The Korea Packaging Organization (KPO), formed January 14, 2016, has named D.H. Shin as its first Chairman until the end of 2017. He is also Chairman of Sung An Machinery Co, Ltd (SAM) and the Korea Packaging Association (KOPA).

KPO is composed of twelve Packaging Associations in Korea and strives to increase development in the packaging industry. It also works to improve the Korean packaging industry's global competitiveness through synergy created through interactions between the member packaging associations.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, D.H. fully recognizes that the global cooperation and partnership with members of KPO is essential for the prosperity of not only South Korea's domestic packaging industry but also the world packaging industry. To further this initiative, he organized an "International Cooperation Committee" within KPO. The committee will continue to establish relationships with international packaging associations, and promote the globalization of members of KOPA and of KPO.

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