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New Diagnostic Capabilities with HMI

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  • Date 2016.01.02 /
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New Diagnostic Capabilities with HMI 


One of the most troublesome issues in operating a machine is determining the cause of why it is not running properly. Reasons are wide ranging, anything from a loose limit or proximity switch, to an E-stop cord being pushed, to a drive temperature fault. To aid in the resolution of a problem and return to full operation, SAM is now offering added diagnostic capabilities to its already powerful HMI system. Recent customers that have worked with this new feature have found it to be an efficient and accurate predictor.

SAM's fully open architecture HMI is typically Wonderware™ and FactoryTalk™ in North America and Siemens PCS-7 (WinCC)™ worldwide. Standard features of the HMI System are machine control and operation, trending, status, alarming, and recipe control.

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