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50 Years coating and converting revisted

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SAM (Sung An Machinery Co. LTD.), founded in 1960, is happy to congratulate the Coating International Magazine to their 50th anniversary. Having a comparable length of history, SAM also started as a local company and nowadays is one of the most renowned global market players in the converting industry for coating, extrusion and printing machinery. Focusing at first on rotogravure printing presses, in the 1980s also extrusion, casting and solution coating and laminating machines were added to SAM’s product portfolio.  

Due to SAM’s strong, innovative attitude, a lot of major milestones contributed to the success story with the following highlighted.  

Advancements were initiated beginning of the 2000s to further develop state- of-the-art extrusion coating and laminating lines. The HiEx Co-Extruders were equipped with IR- Heaters which reduce the heat up time as well as the power consumption by up to 40%. Also, as a safety aspect, the surface heat load is reduced. The extrusion lines are equipped with direct drive torque motors which, due to the omission of gear boxes, eliminate gear losses and increase the efficiency, especially when operating in low load, by 25%.

A further benefit, the dies control the profile automatically and operate with motorized internal deckles which save raw materials, supports the on-line changes in web width as well as reduce the purge and changeover times.  All process capabilities are in conjunction with the coextrusion forming system which will allow multi-layer coextrusion from 1 layer to as many as 11 layers.            

For solution coating, the introduction of the combined hybrid air floatation and roller supported dryer in 2015 was a ground breaking event in the converting industry. The advantages of each drying concept are united in one hybrid drying system. The demands of the converters in regards to the versatility of the substrate to be run are fully met: for instance thin, tension sensitive polymer films, like e.g. 6 µm PET can be run in the roller supported mode. Shrinking of the web and baggy edges which might touch the nozzles in an air floatation oven are minimized. Without any conversion needed by means of a vertically and motorized frame, the dryer can be converted to the air floatation mode, enabling the customer to run for example substrates with double sided coatings. Also, less tension sensitive films or aluminium substrates which need high temperature differences from zone to zone, including a controlled cooling down of the material towards the end of the dryer.

Last but not least, SAM is operating five laboratory and production scale machines at their R&D Centers:  at the SPEL (Sungan Printed Electronics Lab) and the Solution Technology Center in Korea, as well as at the Extrusion Coating Technology Center, USA.  The lines, along with the SAM technology and process experts, are at first goal dedicated to the customers, but also contribute to develop the components and processes, assure a smooth transition from the laboratory to the production scale and to keep SAM at the top of the converting machinery suppliers.    

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