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Chinaplas : Eco Friendly Fast Food Products, discuss your future with SAM

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  • 날짜 2019.04.04 /
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The plastics industry has to reduce its waste and its impact on the planet. Many single use products end up in the ocean and as street litter. Today’s consumers demand product change for a cleaner planet.

Significant products of public awareness are fast food single use items such as drinking cups, food bowls and burger wrap made from extrusion coated paper stock.

Consumers and governments want products with a low carbon footprint and multiple end of life options that will degrade or compost which is a major benefit of resins produced from renewable resources.   

Advances are being made in Extrusion Coating process optimization for single use paper coated products by NatureWorks in cooperation with SAM at their Extrusion Technology Center. 

Visit NatureWorks’ (Hall 13.2 Stand L41) to learn more about Ingeo 1102 PLA resin produced by the extrusion coating method for environment friendly paper coated products.

Visit SAM (Hall 9.2 Stand Q01) to learn how SAM’s Extrusion Coating equipment for eco-friendly products is supported by our extrusion lab for product development, raw material evaluation, process support and operator training.

Contact Tommy Wang or Paul Strawford to confirm your appointment








近期由NatureWorksSAM (Sung An Machinery) 合作,在SAM北美挤出技术中心取得了用于一次性涂布包装产品的挤出涂布工艺优化进展 。

请至NatureWorks13.2展馆,L41展位)以了解更多有关纸包装产品挤出涂布工艺的环境友好型Ingeo 1102 PLA树脂



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