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코팅기술연구소 공개시연회

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  • 날짜 2016.01.02 /
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Open House at SAM in Korea  


SAM (Sung An Machinery Co., Ltd.) will hold an Open House at the company headquarters in Korea on April 22, 2016. The event will be hosted by Mr. Dong Seong Shin, President of SAM. The event is conveniently scheduled prior to Chinaplas which is being held in Shanghai from April 25 to 28th.

Visitors will receive an in depth tour of the new R & D Center, Solution Coating Lab (including demonstration trial) and SAM's manufacturing facility during this one day event. The lab demonstration will include high speed coating via a smooth roll coating method at 600 mpm as well as automatic high speed transfers at the unwind and winder at 900 mpm.

Customers and industry professionals are invited to attend.  SAM will provide lunch and transportation from designated local hotels.

Please contact your local SAM representative or for additional information or to register.

TOTAL : 50